How To Send Free MTN SMS Without Charge

How To Send Free MTN SMS Without Charge

Hello guys,

Now I'm here with some latest and blazing trick on how to send Free SMS without charge, yes It's free without charge I'm repeat

Let me take you to the so.ple steps on how to send Messages Free as Much as you can.

The trick to send free SMS text message to
all mtn numbers. Even with zero
balance, this trick works flawlessly.
You might be saying what do I need
sms for. Actually, that was exactly
what I thought of before sharing this free
SMS trick . This is a new month (may)
and you need to send "happy new
month" messages to you friends &
You might as-well be stranded and
need to holla someone ASAP! Then
this MTN free text message trick is
the best option.
3 Easy Steps To Send Free SMS To
All MTN lines
1. Simply Navigate to
"Message" on your phone,
and click on compose new
2. Now type the MTN phone
number of the person you
want to send message and add
38708 in front of the number.
e.g 38708070846228844
3. Now type your message and
click send .
That's it! Please make sure your
account balance is empty before using
this free SMS trick. Stay tuned for more
Kindly share it to your family,friends and tell us how It work for you.

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