How To Solve Unfortunately in just few seconds

How To Solve Unfortunately in just few seconds

How to solved unfortunately has stopped

I know it's difficult to solve such problems. ✆ people suffer for this simple and the most easy process ever.
I remember when the tecno H7 of some friend of mind stuck because of this, we try all what we can do but nothing come out. We did every procedures that we find at some forum (XDA forum, nairaland,earlyface.etc) but still.
Almost three days but nothing change.
He felt like to smash the phone.
We all fainted😡
But now I'm find out.
And you can even customize it the way you like it.. Wow!

Maybe you receive on your Android
smartphone the
following error if you open an app, such as the phone app:

“Unfortunately the process has stopped“

The error message means that you can not properly use the application without having to reproduce this error again.
Since this is a bug, which is not too easy to solve it, we would like to present you a few suggestions that may perhaps resolve this.

I have carry out a lot of process which include resetting the phone,and so many tutorial from xda forum i got no solution..
just few days ago i discover this on my own, which i decided to share with you guys..
it's a very easy process.
I know so many guys out there have spent months trying to bypass this error like I did before, after this article i will be glad to read positivity comment.

Let me take you to the simple steps.


Download and install Ultimate app here
via < a href="">Download on Playstore< /a >
< a href="">Direct download here @ Apkmaniafull< /a >

fter installation set it up that all
This solution work for tecno H7,and any andriod phone.
tested on tecno H7
If this tutorial help, please share it to your friends family..

Thank you
Stay with us to get more....

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