6 Ways To Speeds Your Slow Android Device

6 Ways To Speeds Your Slow Android Device

6 ways to speed your slow Android device

Gurustechblog fans, it been a while, but we come back stronger than ever. Because I'm here to help those who are facing this problems. Now let us take a step. kindly follow the six steps given in this post. You would agree with me as an Android user that it takes only a short period of time to switch from having a fast and responsive Android smart phone to a having a slow and laggy phone. I have been down that road several times and I know how frustrating and infuriating it is to have a slow and laggy device. The following tips, if well applied, will help fasten up your devices. And make it work normally for you. With this simple tutorial. Please follow step by step carefully..

How To Speed Up Your Slow And Laggy Android Phone


Free Up Some Space

: Seriously, there is no point keeping apps that you hardly use; they only eat up more memory and render your phone slow and laggy. I have come to notice that most people keep many apps on their devices to impress their friends that they have pretty spiced up phones, forgetting that it leaves their respective phones little memory which makes it difficult to process commands,thereby making their phones slow and laggy. If you aren't using it, delete it - it is that simple.

2.Free Up Some RAM

I guess it's high time you stopped leaving unused apps running in the background. The RAM ( Random Access Memory) is a component in your phone that makes it possible to have fluid and responsive operations on your Android smartphone. The more unused application you leave running in the background, the more RAM your phone consumes. And that is the true You can simply free more ram by viewing your running apps ( which is usually done by pressing and holding the home button on Android version 4.4 and lower, or pressing the options button once on Android version 5.0 and higher) and dragging out unused apps from the list. 3.

Disable Animations

Android devices come preinstalled with transitional animations ( the effects you get when you open your phone's menu or any page within your phone), and this feature if disabled, will speed up your phone. Turning this feature off is as simple as following the steps below
: 1. Go to Settings on your phone 2. Click on "Developer Options" ( if you can't find it, click on "About Phone" and click on "Build number" continuously till you get the message: "You are now a developer". Go back to setting and you should now find "Developer Options" on the list) 3. Scroll down disable: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. 4.

Avoid The Use Of Speed Booster Apps

: This might look strange to you, but those app do more harms than good to your devices. Some of them a malware. Many people make use of speed booster apps, but do they really help? I guess no! Is the answer right? One thing you probably don't know is that: these "speed booster apps" use a large portion of your phone's RAM because they are always running. In most cases, these app will end up rendering your Android devices low, rather than make it fast. Some will even pop up annoying adverts, or download apps you don't need on your phone I mean unwanted application. 5.

Update Old And Outdated Apps

: There are too many reasons why developers update their apps regularly, and one of the reasons is to provide lightweight apps that will run faster on devices. Updating outdated apps regularly helps you get a faster device, as you will have better optimized applications that will not show you the slow version of your phone. And it would help your battery life too. And finally:

6. Restart Your Phone

: You may not know, but restarting your devices after a long use can help maintain your phone's speed. Restarting your phone helps kill RAM eating processes and leaves you with a fast phone. You should notice a big change in your device's speed, if you make use of the above tips properly. Just in case you have questions to ask? Do you love this tutorial? kindly share it to anyone to help him, to solve such annoying thing ever on android device pls share it on Social media to reach millions of people. pls Rebroadcast it..


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