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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

How to Source Code any Website Simple

<h1>Hello, guys</h1>
did you want to source code any website for free? we sometimes find it difficult to view source code of
any website using our mobile device.
so that's the purpose of written this post.
The procedure is a very simple one, make sure
you've Mozilla or Google chrome browser
installed on your phone.
>>Visit the website you wish to see the source
>>In your address bar modify the URL to be
view-source: http://the site url .com

I mean remove the gap between the;
view-source: http:// the blog you want to source code .com
but don't forget to remove the gap I repeat remove the gap. if you want the trick to work for you.
so after that?

>>That will display the site source codes in a
neat format!!
that's it. without long story I thought you have understand how to source code any website. simply and easily without and difficult.
because many people find it difficult to do such simple work..

so pls if you enjoy the trick; pls share it to your family and friends.
your comment will be appreciated.!..

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