Ads54 The Best Legit Site For Earn/Promote

Ads54 The Best Legit Site For Earn/Promote

First when I saw the advert on Twitter I thought it's scam!. But I contacted the guy who posted it. He confirmed it to me and even prove it to me and send me payment proof. It's really amazing to find this great site that are too much legit. Let us go into it. What do I need to know about Ads54? Ads54 came about from our practical experience advertising on social media networks; we discovered that social media has come to stay and the benefit is huge for anyone intending to take advantage of what it offers. If you are running a business or own a website and you are not found on social media networks not just any but the major ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, or big giant like Google, it simply means your business is nowhere to be found and you are throwing away every dollar that should come your way. Check these facts: · Facebook has 2.27 billion active users · Twitter has 321 million users · Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide · Google has over 800 million monthly users · Whatsapp has over 700 million users Consider above figures, Facebook has 26 million users in Nigeria alone while generally it is estimated that Nigeria has 96 million internet users. How hard have you tried to promote your website or business to these users? How much do you spend on Radio or Tv advert per month? Don’t you think that same budget would do much more miracle if it has been spent on advert online? Our experience or why Ads54? We have been promoting for companies online for years, companies do approach us to help them place their businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even on Google they want maximum results and awareness which could lead to sales, but the problem we always encountered is that we had to set up these accounts separately, you open facebook business page separately, twitter page separately, set up Google Adword separately and also pay them individually the processes were frustrating, time consuming, cumbersome and expensive. We cannot add that it is technical because we are programmers, it is what we do, however, it is technical and tedious if you are not an online person. We taught of a platform that could bring all the above platforms together and achieve greater results hence Ads54. That you can place your advert on Ads54 and will be seen on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Google etc even up to 54 platforms Secondly, we discovered that the cost of running those adverts were outrageous and alarming because the more people you intend you reach the more money you have to pay. For example, if you are to reach 10,000 people you could be paying $40 USD, if you extend your reach to 16,000 people you could be charged $60 USD. We are of the opinion that advertisers should pay less and reach more people. We came up with more effective way of reaching unlimited number of people free of charge but you should only pay when they actually get to visit your website Thirdly, we found it hard or impossible to promote our client’s businesses on Google until we first create a website for them where Google will direct people to, to buy from them. We discovered not everyone has the money to first own a website before advertising their products and services. We came up with free website for our advertisers to sell their goods and services. Online stores for physical goods, brand website for services. With this in place, you don’t need to pay huge amount for ecommerce website before selling anymore. Create one free on our platform by completing just a simple form. No coding or experience needed Fourthly, in the course of promoting our client’s businesses our clients were complaining about some of the statistics provided by those third parties as being shabby and dubious. They were told 50,000 people had seen their advert and 17,000 people had click to visit their website, our clients found those figures somehow contradictory, unreliable and frustrating. There was no avenue to view where those visitors actually came from, state or region etc we taught we could build a better platform that will take care of these vacuums and proffer better solutions. So we came up with comprehensive statistics designed to tell you where those visitors to your website are actually coming from, the date and time of visit, time spent while on your website, state, region and country they came from, platform used to visit e.g mobile, tablet, desktop, telecommunication used etc Again, we discovered that there were repeated clicks counted for our clients. For example, if Mr A visits your website 10 times per day through the advert placed on their platform; it is counted for our client as 10 clicks and will be charged for it. We felt this should not be so, it ought to be counted as one since it is still the same Mr A making the clicks, it should be counted as one. We decided we must make a difference and we did. On Ads54, once Mr A visit your website once, it is counted as one if he tries to visit numberless times it is no longer counted again forever Also, we discovered during those periods we were promoting for our clients that some platforms use BOT popularly called “Robot” to obtain results. They would program the robot to perform some certain functions and it would be so. No wonder our clients were complaining vigorously about poor results despite spending huge amount of money. We decided that to make Ads54 great and better we need to use people to achieve results and we must be strict and trustworthy. We allow our advertisers to create promoter or publisher’s account to test our platform and see how we help advertisers achieve results in a trustworthy way. We do not allow our publisher or promoter to do self-click, random click or group click. The system suspends any publisher or promoter attempting to do such. You can create account here to test our platform Once you create account, share one or more adverts on your facebook page, try and click that adverts from your facebook page and see what happens Ads54 is for 3 groups of people, 1. Advertiser 2. Promoter 3. Publisher Definitions Advertisers are the companies, individuals or businesses intending to place advert and pay. They must have a website or create one free from Ads54. They can also place their whatsapp link Promoters are our members that do not have a website or blog but must belong to one social media platform or another. They register on Ads54 as promoter to share advertiser’s businesses/products on various social media platforms. They get paid for their services Publishers are website and blog owners. They are our partners. They embed our code in their blogs or websites to display our advertiser’s banners or adverts. They get paid for their services For Advertisers? You can reach the world with the help of our promoters and publishers. As an advertiser, you can limit your spending by specify which clicks should count for you. What do I mean by this? Depending on the nature of your business; for example, you are selling item like Air Conditioner and your business is in Nigeria you don't expect people from Germany or South Africa to place an order since they can easily get it near them; you can select Nationwide, this means when people see your Advert banner on our publisher's website or blog and click to visit your website, if such people stays outside Nigeria, that click won't count for you thus your money will not be deducted for it, same goes to that publisher where your Advert banner is clicked from, such publisher will not be credited or paid for such click. This is so because, even if that visitor eventually visit your website and see what you sell, they cannot place an order which may eventually lead to sale. However, this does not mean your advert will not go worldwide; we don't limit the extent of your reach-ability. All adverts on Ads54 go worldwide but you can specify which click should count so that you don’t just waste money anyhow. The only implication of this is that promoters may choose to promote those ads “worldwide” that will give them maximum returns but publishers do not have that option because all adverts must display on their website or blog Secondly, for companies like web design, manufacturing, real estate firms etc that their clients could come globally, we advise that you select worldwide for more patronage As an advertiser, how many people can i reach and how much will i pay? Reach means impressions on Ads54, you can reach unlimited number of people and it is free of charge unlike some other platforms where you pay per 1000 impression Ads54 does not charge a penny on impression. You only pay when unique visitor or customer visits your website. Our online payment gateway is powered by Paystack who or what is a unique visitor? Customer is termed as unique visitor when such person sees your advert and chooses to visit your website. For such visit, it is counted as one. If the same person clicks to visit your website again whether that same day or any other day, it is not counted anymore. It is not recognize as unique visitor anymore. Ads54 recognizes an IP of the visitor immediately he makes the visit to your website as an advertiser how many people will display my Advert or promote it? We presently have more than 50,000(growing daily) promoters waiting to share your ads on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Google etc. We guarantee massive awareness for your products or business in days. We also have more than 30,000 publishers already on our platform. They already have our embedded code on their various websites and blogs, immediately you register as advertiser and promote your business, you see your ads on our publisher's websites and blogs and you start seeing it all over social media networks As advertiser, how much is the minimum i can pay to run my advert on Ads54? The minimum is 100 clicks for $5.3USD (N1900), we do not have maximum. Please once you set up your advert as advertiser, even if you make a mistake in the process, do not delete your account, just contact admin via our contact form or chat us via whatsapp As an advertiser, i do not own a website but i have a product to sell? You are permitted to create a free website, be it ecommerce website or brand website. A brand website is for people not selling physical products. Those involve in services. If you sell physical products, upload all your products, promote it and start selling, it is as simple as that. You can also direct customers to your whatsapp link as advertiser, how do i get paid for selling my products on Ads54? We do not collect or involve in your sales, you have been provided with a contact form where customers can make a request or order for your products. Once this request is made, you get to see the message in your dashboard and provided email address. You can contact the buyer and seal the deal. You can also chat customers directly from your whatsapp. Ads54 is to provide a website or avenue where you can sell your products and as well as help drag customers to that website or platform, that is simply what we do I have my own website, how do i go about this? Once you signed up, select “I want to promote my website address” option. Note: You must have a banner or image representing your website or business of 300x250 sizes. It could be your logo. You must also be ready to fund your account with minimum of $5.3 USD or (N1900) for 100 unique clicks Kindly Share to your Loved one.
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